Hold on my dear,
I know most times you cry yourself to sleep,
Your pain has become a deep part of you,
Inseparable and painful,
I know sticks and stones cannot break it’s bones or muscles,
It’s deeply rooted,
But hold on still,
I know you possess a heart of a lion,
But it’s slowly being consumed by the heart of darkness that lives within you,
It is trying to weaken you,
And make you run around like a headless chicken,
But don’t forget that you are a wreck with a heart of gold,
Yesterday they worshipped you,
But today they found a golden calf to worship,
Don’t give up yet,
You can withstand more,
Failed words and actions do not match your fire,
Just remember that you never lost,
They did,
They lost there moral compass, values, and you,
This chair your sitting in is my favorite,
It’s not comfortable,
But it’s a good teacher,
There’s a lesson at the end of the story,
Don’t get distracted,
This is all noice okay,
Rise above it,
Wash of the dust from it,
And find another field to play in.


am a writer,poet and lover of nature' i love love. i write love. i experience share and write life. i love pens and books.

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