Hello son

I already love you for no reason

So don’t bother about the reception

I’ll take care of you in every season

Trying to hurt you will be treason

I don’t know if you’ll be troublesome

But what I know is that you’ll be handsome

Taking care of you might be tiresome and cumbersome

But never be quarrelsome and bothersome

The whole village will certainly celebrate

Hearing the news rotate at the senate of the estate

I know this isn’t how to operate

But I’ll boast to my mates in private

I’m never gonna be absent

If there will be a development

And I’m in a different environment

Being your dad will always be consistent

Buddy my love for you will ever be sufficient

Mom named your sister

But he still wanted to name you mister…

Ofcourse I didn’t see her as a sinister

Because you’ll be our shinning star

I want your sister to be the first born

If you come first I won’t mourn

We’ll watch football eating popcorn

Something we’ll never adjourn

When you come you’ll be happy

I’ll buy you a puppy

I’ll kick your ass if you’ll be sloppy

I’ll not like it, you being scrappy

I know you’ll be strong

Your name suggests where you belong

You’ll be among lions singing a song

I bet my life I’m never wrong

I love you son ♥️♥️



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