…she always knew someday, she will have to deal with her past. She knew walking away was no option to solve things out yet she did it.

Flowers. The same colour, freaking red rose always embedded with a pink one in the middle. That’s how Naomi knew it was him and none other.

Her entire figure reacted to her goosebumps that worked out on her skin. She couldn’t pull herself to believe it was real. Something caught her sight. A thin ribbon with with a small card hanging loose tied to it. It was still dark and the corridor shade lights were grimmer. she hardly could decipher what was scribbled on it. She walked back to the apartment and took her phone and had it’s torch on. She walked back to the door.

Heck, the roses were gone only but the pink one. It still had the card tied around it. She grew impatient. Her heart beats escalated. Her fingers shook as well as her feet as she slowly squatted while vigilante. She kept looking sideways cautiously.

Bang! Something struck and her heart stopped for a moment. She grew unmoved like dummy statue. Just her eyes; she rolled them side to side. Hell moths! Her mind screamed with realization of them playing around the grimmer lights.

She took the flowers still trembling. She even tried to hold it with both her arms. Shame. She was shaking like a stormed chicken.

She however tried her best to read it in her shaky palm.


She knew she was screwed. She can’t stay. She had paid the rental for the next to months stay but it’s nothing. It’s a small lose pinch compared to living under his shadows. Damn. Like own shadow no matter how much she tries, he always finds her.
Enough is enough. She declared. She can’t afford to be looking over her shoulders everyday. She must take care of him by hook or crook. Despite that she knew well she didn’t had it in her, she has to see it done. Now or never.

She hurled back in her apartment. In a hurry to pack her portable belongings. What bumped her was even creepier.

Screeching smooth sound. She stopped instantly and turned.

Her CCTV  had red signals on her, moving as she did. Her TV was off and from the blues it popped on, glitched channels and a black window popped up.

“Hello Naomi, it’s time we talk about us. We were meant to be together and you know it…” the screen read then it flipped to a window that showed her on the screen live.

As if that was not too much, she decided to go up stayers. She was now more stressed than ever. She panted heavily and had unsteady steps upstairs. The staircase lights lit one after the other as a form of signal to somewhere.
She knew she can’t follow it. It must be a trap, she turned to the  screen again..

“You no i never meant to hurt you. We can make this right, just come to me. Follow the light’s”

She stood there confused of what to do next and she thought. If he wants me to follow the lights, then they will lead me to him. So i will run out as fast as my feet can. So she did.

She run looking over her shoulders till she bumped to someone and fell.

“What is it? Why are you running, it’s still dark.” voice of a man said.
“There is a man after me in my apartment.” she said.
“who?” The man asked.
“My Ex…” As she said so she recognised the voice.

With hesitation, she turned her heard slowly to his face.

“Did you really think you can run away from me” Jeffrey her psychopath of an ex slang with a syringe of some medical content and drive it into her neck releasing it’s contents.

She screamed as loud as she could as he gagged her mouth sealed and he laughed out loud hysterically….

Continues soon



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