All appointments & consultations are online

All appointments & consultations are online


It’s always sweet before we leave

So nice and interesting before the good thing doesn’t happen

The love we share ironically

The friendship that brought us together

The joy and fake smiles we draw on our faces before we leave

Too bad I guess!

Often, we think only those left got hurt

Maybe it does hurts more on those broken

But truth be said…

Where do the heartbreakers go after the break?

Where do they find their peace?

Who questions them, who bothers about them?

No one completely!

All we do is just assume they are wrong..

They took the decision and happy with it

That’s all we say!!

Keep in mind some of them go commit suicide after the break

Some of them get drunk after the break and it becomes a habit

Some will never fall in love again; a promise they keep!

Dear heartbreakers

I know it pains to leave the one you choose as your apple amongst all

I know you regret after the break

I know the best moments done to you haunts you

I know you live with regrets

I know its so hard after the break

I now understand dear heartbreaker….

Wherever you are, know I care now

I judged you too harsh I guess




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