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Your mental Health = Our Priority

Home is where you find peace, where the answers are and home is where freedom exists and just like any other home, the home of solutions is a safe haven for everyone and anyone who needs one. 


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Whatever happens, take good care of yourself. We might be broken, fucked up and shit, but nobody is going to take better care of your mental state than youRemember you are just as important as everyone. You are just as worthy as those people you think are worthy in your head.

Be kind to you. You are a very important person. So own it.


We discuss #mentalhealthmatters because we care about you, and because your #mentalhealth is our priority. We #write because that’s how we can #communicate, We #post so you can join us in the adventure, We #share because we want you to know #weunderstand, because we want you to know #youarenotalone. We share to remind you that #youareimportant.We are  #thehomeofsolutions

We are #ospreyempire and welcome to our world

Find awesome write-ups by our team of writers; both bloggers and poets. Join in the adventure of wordsmiths and their beautiful messages for all of us. 

At the end of the day, they remind us to Be kind to ourselves and that we are very important. So own it.

Find some of the non-profit initiatives by our organization here. Life is in itself a beautiful thing and we can make it better by joining hands with our teams to help the society as a whole

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