All appointments & consultations are online

All appointments & consultations are online

After metamorphosis,a butterfly finally unfurls its colorful wings and steadily flys safe and lands on a wet leaf for a greater view of a serene world.
What is a happily ever after tale without finally landing home??
I made my patent manifestation from the start
Your lovely dazzling eyes caught my attention
Your penetrative angelic eyes reflected a future no lesser than “A happy ever after one”
Before it all fades again I just want you to know,
You are the sun that gives me warmth

Your serene face evaporates all my insecurities
Believe me,
You are the shore that satiates my lifeline
The three powerful words you always whisper ‘I love you’ ressurected my broken heart
And a flicker of hope took control once again

Oh hail Mother nature for gifting me you
Full of life,my lungs are puffed by your affection
The affection that became my only concoction
And today you quenched my thirst by your love portion

No imagination,
It is a confession .
@Luvate Stella

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