All appointments & consultations are online

All appointments & consultations are online

I’ve gone through the lessons ,I’ve attended every class ,Wrote all the notes and frequently revised your heart .I was prompted to Sleep on Shakespeare’s glossary and perhaps glue my foot on Romeo and Julliet’s marks .This was supposed to quench my thirst for love and affection .
I then realized that no matter how much I try to know you ,you’ll always remain a stranger to my heart and until I free myself from the hamster wheel I’ll always be a slave of my own regrets
“Surrender or become a fighter ,”..This was the toughest stone rolled towards my direction .The rain would oftenly fall but the clouds were never clear .

Freedom beckons from a far .But I’m still cuffed in my own wild thoughts .I thought I would fight my nightmares with all the strength I got ..Where is my iron fist ?? ..I’m in a circle standing but I lack the compass for direction .My heart once bled to a verge of dryness …Pain is not pain anymore ,Probably just a pinch on the hand .

Have you ever read the fairy tale of ‘Two becoming one ??”.I guess I’m still sailing in the world of impossibilities and imaginations .It took me years to realize that I’m still a toddler in the Anthology of love .I’m just learning but when will I be promoted ?? Do people put on Graduation Regalias and be certified Degrees or PHDs in this field ??.Will I earn a Scholarship to study deep about it ?

A new decade now Water is still flowing under the bridge ..I’m still inhaling and exhaling solitude.Nothing has stopped except from my heartbeat .No it didnt stop beating ! But the pulses changed .Let’s turn it all round .Spin my mind and gumble with my emotions because I need a win .Keep gaming because I’m still dancing in the rain  .
 I promise to go back to the library I’ll read deep and perhaps I’ll be educated on what love is and shield it in me .

Until then I’m pledging ; I won’t promise to be by your side forever but I promise to be the lady of your dreams for as long as infinity exists .Incase the bond ever weakens and love fades into the thin air I’ll stick to the voice within me until my story is complete .

We still have a history to rewrite so let us not fumble on the first page!

@Luvate Stella

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