All appointments & consultations are online

All appointments & consultations are online

I remember the day we met. Oh my! We exchanged more than 1000 words in less than 100 minutes in a venue that upholds silence. I could tell we would fit like jigsaw puzzle pieces.

I gave you free space in my heart, killed a million brain cells contemplating you. And I didn’t stop there. I gave you this booty to tap and this body to have and to hold.

I saw our futures together. Well, that didn’t involve mini-us but boy, I wouldn’t mind if they had your teeth and that small beautiful gap. There is forever, and then there was us. Right in the middle of it.

We went from late-night texting, everyday texting, to communication that is drier than the taps in Nairobi County during water rationing. I could say you left without a trace, but I would be lying. You left with the tip of my heart. And I, I remained with dreams of a rekindled us.

You saw me one day. You gave me a millisecond long glance. That is all I got!! I consoled myself that you hadn’t seen me but my call went unanswered later that day. I then knew content had run out for me and the fairy tale I had written of us in my head. There was no longer an ‘us’ but You and I.

For 10 months, I awaited your text, your call, anything. In those ten months, I called you three times, initiated message conversations 6 times (my pride had me in check), two of which were left on reading. Is it petty that I know the number? What’s even pettier is that you were online. Are still online!!!! The few times (7) we talked (more like I talked), the excitement was gone. Was as if I was asking you about the plumbing job you needed to do in my house. The plumbing I wanted you to do was on my heart but over and over again (it was two times hehe) you did the plumbing on my body (I was desperate for him!). Only to go back to your cave and ignore my existence.
We never said goodbye. It would’ve been better if we fought and hurled insults and maybe even kicks at each other rather than you zooming out of my life.

It has been one year now. I still remember you, waste brain cells on you. You never broke my heart. You perforated it and took away the tip. I wish we never exchanged our first 100 words. You are not here. Not in my recent chats or call log. Unless you consider the thoughts I have of you.

Don’t come back I can’t survive getting over you twice.

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