All appointments & consultations are online

All appointments & consultations are online

In the stream of tribulations
I Extended my hand forth into the inferno
Watched  as the skin of my hand got peeled off from its bone
Watched as the bone underneath got reduced to ashes
Watched in the chaos as the winds scattered the ashes away in a rush
If only you understoood

Whilst I burnt I thought
In the devastating pain I had clarity
Though every molecule of me was  in utter agony
I was able to see and grasp the irony
The irony that life presents each day
The irony of to live you have to somehow die
At least part of you
If only you understood

As my flesh sizzled
I reminsced  the seasons lived
The points when it seemed I lived a story book life
Before tragedy be fell and took all the joy
If only you understood
Except I think you do
You don’t just tell it


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