Eyesight uses the eyes to see

Mindsight uses the mind to see

Eyesight uses physical eyes

Mindsight uses mental eyes

Eyesight is limited

Mindsight is not limited

Eyesight sees a broken piece

Mindsight sees a master piece

Eyesight sees what has become

Mindsight sees what will become

Eyesight is to present

Mindsight is to future

Eyesight sees a seed

Mindsight sees a forest in a seed

Eyesight will see a problem

Mindsight will see a solution

Eyesight is a replay of mindsight

Mindsight is a preview of eyesight

My mindset affects my mindsight

My eyes affect my eyesight

My mindsight creates my vision

My eyesight enjoys my vision

Eyesight conflicts mindsight

Mindsight inspires eyesight

If I  control my mindsight

I can predict my eyesight

Both my eyes are in me

Only I, can see for me

Again, only I, choose

What to see, today or tomorrow

Give me your eyes

I point you to your destination


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