All appointments & consultations are online

All appointments & consultations are online


you gave me a great hope
when i saw you
you were my chance
our love could be my salvation
you made it go

whats the secret?
i need to know
c iz its not for you anymore
Go find your man
Then find grace

There comes somebody
I will too be hot cake
Days are gonna change
she goes coz she knows
i need to know

May be there is something
i can offer you
To change your mind
I want this to be over
I cant procreat

you shall pay for your mistakes
Coz i’ll be off this situation
Get a word for a word
Dont think i wont remember
Your front steps

I swear i will leave you alone
i wanna go home
Get a pen en put this down
I’ll flee with a better taste
i need to go😭😭

By Ouko Reagan Jowi

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