All appointments & consultations are online

All appointments & consultations are online

By Innocent Musimbi Mutiso

I once asked myself a question; ‘why is it so hard to love someone anew?’ I got the answer in the serenity of the night,where my sanity had returned after disappearing for quite some time.The answer stated that it’s ’cause it feels like rubbing salt on fresh wounds, realization dawned upon me on how much it hurts to love the wrong person unknowingly,the sense of betrayal felt when their masks finally slip off revealing their real facades is too heart wrenching.

I once thought I got my missing rib, someone to listen to me and understand my pain,only to find myself being pushed into an endless abyss by the very person.The one I once termed the love of my life was the very person who left me desolate, unwanted and listless,all because of him being over ambitious.If he wanted my treasures,why didn’t he enlighten me instead of catching me off guard? I’d have succumbed to his wishes anyways since I was willing to give him anything.Who knew how much of a wolf he was,? extending his claws when I least expected?

Well,with a poor lass like me ,what would I offer the world? Isn’t it normal for me to be called trash? Only a bitter smile remains etched on my face.The light in my eyes has long dimmed and the raging embers of hatred in my heart are yet to be extinguished.When and how to avenge myself is still a mystery,the only choice I have is to plaster a smile on my face as days go by.

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