If an apple a day could keep my sorrows away,

Then I could have a dozen apples a day

To cleanse my heart of the wailing bitterness

Wish for my sorrows that was the case

I don’t hate you, I just hate love.

I hate love for how it tormented my heart

At first , it was breathtaking  like going through art,

Like a mine filled with love gems

We were so happy together

I miss our park drives

I miss your head laid on my chest

You could see the best in me when I told you that I try

Me and you, I yours and you mine

A perfect couple we were

I hate love for I had to let you go

I had to learn to live alone

The fire burns so slow, its hard to know

Was it because of the memories we had

An explorer left to wander within my own soul

Reflecting on past events

Everything was perfect but too good to be true

Time was moving forward but the world was standing still

Someone told me

If they don’t love you, let them go

If they come back then they were meant for you

What’s the need of ending it at the first place

Then come back for a lifetime

Cupid it feels that way

I don’t hate you, I just hate love.


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