By Gladys Gachanja

They say a father is a girls first best friend

Well, you were the first and wisest friend I ever had in my life

I remember the late-night stories you told as we sat around the fireplace

Watching and salivating over mums cooking

I remember your belly laughter permeating through the quiet night

Laughing at a stupid remark one of us had made, and we would all burst into giggles

I remember the time my husband came to seek permission for my hand in marriage

And you took me aside and told me that I was now a woman

Old enough to build her own home, but always welcome in yours

I saw a single tear drop from your eyes ; knowing the nights would no longer be the same

I could not imagine leaving you to the solitude and eeriness of the night alone with mother

I remember mother visiting me one day with a solemn look

And she explained with tears and heart wrenching sobs that the cancer had gotten hold of you

The curtains to my life closed, and I was left scampering in the dark

You were my support, my confidant, my friend, but above all, a kind and generous father

Who did not let tradition limit your beliefs or opinions

I watched you slowly lose your smile, your days were filled with pain and discomfort

I witnessed your cheekbones sag due to pain and sorrow, you were just a mask of the man we knew

I prayed to God everyday that he would save you out of your misery

But I guess he misinterpreted my wish

All of a sudden, you were gone, gone to be with the angels

Like footprints in the desert, you vanished with your energy and warm aura

All that was left in our lives were saddening memories and anguish

I hope you are happy wherever you are, surrounded by people who understand you

And who laugh at your jokes and bring you comfort.


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