All appointments & consultations are online

All appointments & consultations are online

By Gitau florence

Heart to hurt,

Maybe we never gave the best or we were never meant to be,
Maybe our hearts were built to hurt,but was it the real truth?
From our pasts our castle was never finished,but hey can we rewind reasons why a little?
Hello love do you remember how happy we were together?
My sunshine ,my pride but really what transpired in between that love?
Ohh i remember, you saw another and forgot about me

Meals never tasted the same anymore, your eyes stopped seeing me like before.
What did i lack?Can you explain why maybe i can understand your betrayal.
Just maybe for a minute i can understand why i didn’t stand a chance
For a life time you left me thinking maybe i was too low to be your mate.
Did i matter anymore?Perhaps not my love but why betray my heart.
Or i just loved to hurt too much i forgot you stopped caring.

Dear diary, i think my lover has lost his tongue,
But do you mind explaining the little pathetic love you gave me?
Just explain to the diary why i never met your expectations,
For once i would accept my mistakes maybe,just maybe try to polish myself for you a little bit.
You know we never loved the same, is painful but i accepted that fact a long time ago, why mask it till now?

You may had your reasons why ,but can we air them here?
But for a second thought , no need for another argument
The worst thing is you left me craving more,the love ,the desire to be with someone who wants me as i do and all that.
I was too much obsessed with you i never saw you hurting me
I was blinded with you hunie, too much i lost myself in you

What did we believe in anyway,love or infatuation,maybe lust to top it all.
Our dreams faded and our tomorrow you gave out to someone else ,but my heart loved to hurt.
Today i address you with no pain neither regrets because for the love that broke me , i fulfilled my hearts desires

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