All appointments & consultations are online

All appointments & consultations are online


By Noela Scovia

I cannot dare to call you love anymore.
It has been long,
I forgot how to utter them with the same warmth we had before.

This has really hit me again,
I can’t bare this kind of pain,
Because you just left a permanent bloody stain ,
My heart is now pumping with painful strain
Because I find it hard deleting our memories in my brain

I’ve been pounding for days,
Crying while thinking about you.
Remembering the forehead that we are
Remembering the old you and me

I’m very much happy for myself
coz finally I was able to say,
“Yes I still love you, it’ll never fade
coz what I felt was real but I was finally able to accept that I wasn’t perfect for you and you won’t end up with me

You left without telling me even why,
The silent treatment hurts me more than even the abandonment,
Probably makes me know I’m not even worth an explanation.
You were my favourite temporary pill but until our paths cross again
Stay safe and live every moment with no regret

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