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All appointments & consultations are online

By Gitau Florence

Cursed marriage,

Yes it was a mistake but can we for a minute talk about it?
Is hard when my mind reminisce about you is just painful to bear.
All of them blame me for what happened but do they really know what happened?
Have you ever cared to explain to them maybe clarify the whole truth?

I can’t speak in front of them ,they always hold my words captive.
Whenever I try to explain they all say am justifying myself.
I cared, I bet you forgot about that but hey shall we settle this score together.
For once reach on a win-win agreement
So allow me to call you,
Hello love, I know is painful to want to hear my name but can we put our ego and pride aside?
Let’s first agree we lost right, we failed each other and that hurts ,
But have you forgotten how you lost me ?
Ooh you left me out in the rain to get rained on just because you feared my poor situation.
I admit i was poor,a peasant if that title suited your definition of me but choosing my best friend over me ,that was traumatic.

Dear diary, during our three years of marriage this woman sired a kid with my best friend.
I raised that daughter believing she was my fresh blood,did you really have to do that?
It was painful and it still hurts I wish the reasons you gave were valid .
You allowed the rest of men to laugh at my manhood.

“Just see a man who can’t tame his woman.”
Dear diary, I curse the fact that I was poor back then,
Maybe my little princess would still have my blood.
I loved ,but I never knew it was just a joke.
She didn’t reciprocate it back.
If only I was rich my blood would still flow in my little Angel’s veins..
You enjoyed it very much hearing her call me “papa” yet I was not her biological dad.
You allowed me believe and stay in lies.
You betrayed our marriage just because I wasn’t rich enough to give you the world.
You won,yet you ashamed me.
You broke the trust I had in you.
You killed the desires I had and dreams of a happy family.
The family i never had but wanted to start with you.
Dear diary,can you understand my pain.
Maybe try to comfort my heart
But all of you believed her,when she cried and took my little princess away from me
The judge was happy when he declared custody of my little angel to that woman.
But did anyone ask me if I was hurting?
Did anyone care to ask me of my opinion?
I just watched as you all stoned me ,
As you took my daughter away,,all i could do was just sob because of deafeat you damaged my heart but,
For the love that broke me ,I will still heal right?

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