By Gladys Gachanja

some days I like to stare at the sunset, drying out like an extinguished flame

Feeling my thoughts and emotions die with it

A beautiful sight but a raging storm inside

The sun makes me feel exposed,

Like it can forcefully read my most sacred thoughts.

I love the moon, so calm and collected

Urging me to pour out my thoughts,

With a tender smile, It coaxes me to speak my heart out

The stars twinkling as if reassuring me that my secrets will be safe

The moon give s me a chance to listen to myself before I utter a word

All so patient without hurrying me

I cry my heart out, empty my loneliness, laugh out my good times.

And it takes it all in like a mother, gentle and fiercely protecting her young

But then 4am comes and she warns me she’s about to leave

Promises that she will be back again later

Most times she comes back but other times the mighty clouds overpower her

And her gentle light is no match for them,

But her strength and comfort runs in me even on those days she’s overpowered

Assuring me to keep my head up and smile at the misfortunes

For nothing is forever.




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