All appointments & consultations are online

All appointments & consultations are online

It’s long since I used a phrase
“I love you”
In the meaning of hurt break
I’ve sharpened my vision
In the healing of my life
I’ve realised a shoulder to lean on
In my perception I’ve lowered
The flag of hate
I guess love as dockets as addiction
Has levels at high there’s no revel

The call for revelation
I’ve made me realise that
There’s no shortcut to love
The strike of love has no siren
And I guess I’m not the target
I never knew that being alone
Is this peaceful at the peak of love
I’ve laid hope on a rocky land that
My plans for my plants shall be fruitful

I’ve knocked my leg on a rocky lane
And my blood is an irrigation nerve
To my crops for the cropped weed
For each tag I raised my hand
The pill of love never worked on me
Every injection was the projection of
It’s long since I used a phrase
“I hate you”
It’s ’cause I didn’t say that phrase
“I love you”

I’ve opened different layers of
My heart which is certified by
Being single for the courage not for
Simple raised rage
All receptors are paralysed to the
Touch of the course tongue
Let my yield show progress
Let my shield provide security
Let my blanket provide heat
Let my torch lead my steps
For the fire has no shadow.

@Danish Mudondo Jnr 2021

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