All appointments & consultations are online

All appointments & consultations are online


I’m called into a terror in my dreams
The deterent of addiction has called
Me into action
The fear of proposition has led me to

I have a space for a spare tooth
For what Bible has established
Can not be transferred by a pity
The invitation into spiritual paradigm
Requires my eyes on the clock

But the challenge I got is that my
Heart is locked in stasis
Every song I dance to, shutters hopes
For salvation
The only goal is heaven but what about
My actions?

My deeds confuse me even more than
What nature has to offer
I know everything right but I’m still
In the path of darkness
There’s no bell assigned for a notice
To indicate the end of the tunnel

My heart is still tepid for change
But let me admit that the blaze that
I’ve seen has indicated the will of
Jehovah to change my life
But I’m still shaken

Salvation is the only solution
I know that I’ve messed and
I’m dirty but He came for such kind of
People for His eternal love
I must divert my attention to the rights

I’ve seen the blaze for change
Its signs and symptoms have stuck in my eyes
I must take the responsibility of a torch so that
I can eliminate stubbing darkness
I know that I’m the only person to change myself
Into a better bod.

© Danish Mudondo Jnr 2021

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