All appointments & consultations are online

All appointments & consultations are online


Subscribing to her memories takes a wide,
Chain of good morals she had set to guide,
our growth and development to the light,
That set an exemplary role of our fight,

It was painful losing her in the open night,
I recall that day you escorted me for a flight,
She was worried and in prayers she cried,
Giving her hopes I incessantly tried,

The beauty she exhibited could drive away plight,
Every time we were troubled she made it right,
And when I did a mistake she couldn’t hide,
All she wanted was to help me overcome the tide,

Father, you recall that day I lied
To her that I went to school and she took your side
And punished me to show that I wasn’t bright,
I never knew that your bride was on her last fight.

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