All appointments & consultations are online

All appointments & consultations are online

What shall I say?
I want to keep the same
happiness on anybody without shame
I know my skin colour isn’t forbidden
in heaven though they want to see me bed ridden

Who are we?
We’re tortoise ripped off our shell
We’re snakes ripped off our poison in hell
We’re eager learners ripped off school spirit
We’re birds ripped off our wings in the higher posit

Where did we come from?
I know we all underwent reproduction
If it’s evolution we all passed through reconstruction
And if it’s creation we’re all the same in His sight
Despite the race we still face equality in His might

Why black?
Our mindset has been poisoned
black clothing for funerals isn’t reasoned
Death is valid in earth why shouldn’t we wear white
To validate the meaning of “Rest In PEACE” as right?

When will they stop?
This intimidation will end
During the final judgment penned
In the holy book which proclaims equality
Among all races He created with a holy hand of quality

But How?
I really don’t see the reason
For fighting for dominance in this season
Content of character is completely sufficient
I believe that our hardwork will remain consistent.


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