All appointments & consultations are online

All appointments & consultations are online

Sublimed advice

“I’m incognito,” I said to myself after being informed by my father that I won’t watch my favourite programme on television that night, I was really upset with him . It was a few minutes after taking dinner with my family. Abruptly, my dad begun to tell us a little story about Jona from the Bible, he adamantly insisted that at any point of our life we shouldn’t dare argue with our elders. At the time of his story there was a disco sound near our home. This found me in a desperate mood, eager for entertainment.

As a result of not allowing me to watch my favourite programme, I decided to sneak to the disco that was brought up to console the bereaved family. It was commonly known as “disco matanga”. I had forgot the advice that I was given by my father. “I don’t know if it was subliminal or superliminal message he was trying to deliver, he doesn’t know it’s imperative to balance between social and academic goals,” I spoke to myself about the issues that were raised in our lecture lesson bringing opposition to the advice given by my father.

” I’ve been in the university for the last four months and I haven’t smoke, drink or fornicate, is it now an offence to go and enjoy myself with my friends in the disco matanga?” I asked myself. Eventually, I came to conclusion and decided to go out with my friends forgetting the state of security in our village. Jemo, Kevo, Tom and I were known to be good boys in the society therefore we thought that it wouldn’t be wrong to go for a night dance. When we reached, we found the event at its climax. “Kameshika na zangu zitariet,” Jemo said. I wondered what he meant. “Leo ni kujiachilia broman,” Kevo told me. I then realised that it was the moment to enjoy ourselves.

After dancing for a couple of minutes, I went and sat down on a lonely chair, suddenly, my planet changed. I begun to cogitate about the warning I was given by my father when I completed my form four course. I vividly recalled him telling me, “This hamlet called “pap yamo” does not get pleased with your success,My son! Remember you’re the first person to qualify for university in this hamlet and you’re living in a another village which isn’t our own, this people are not happy with your progress, be kind to us and take care of yourself, we have a future with you. ” At the moment I thought of going back home.

It was around 3:00Am, I decided to go home but I couldn’t see Jemo, Kevo and Tom. I was unable to find their location therefore I collected all my courage and dared to walk alone in the morning darkness back home. “Courage isn’t absence of fear, it is conquer over it,” I consoled myself and begun to walk back home. From nowhere, I was ambushed and I began to run for my safety but unfortunately the rogues were faster than me. They caught me and the first thing I felt on my body was pain on my head. One of them had cut me on the head. I tried to defend myself and got hold of the panga since it was close to chop my head off.
Suddenly, I heard someone screaming, it was a lady’s voice but I was still scrambling to take the panga away from the rogue. When they heard the screaming, they escaped.

At this point I couldn’t even recognise where I was. After a couple of hours I found myself in the hospital with my clothes full of blood and my head with a bandage. I was unable to see things clear, everything was blurred. “You can now see your son, allow me to attend to the other victim from the same crime scene,” I heard someone speaking, then there was a reply, “What happened to the lady, is she badly hurt?” I heard someone asking. I immediately tried to figure out if she could be the lady I heard screaming although I wasn’t sure.
Two days down the line there came a sad news that the lady who I had heard screaming was my sister who was sexually harassed . My parents had hidden the truth from me during my treatment as a protection against shock.
I never knew that my sister had also sneaked to the disco matanga. We came to be the disgrace to the family.

A month later, we received information that the culprits were Jemo, Kevo and Tom. They were wanted. I could not believe it. Devil incarnate in form of friends I had trusted. That was the sad reality we had to face. Even our cats were well behaved than us.

“That’s why you see us on streets nowadays, we were ignorant, and we never heed to the pieces of advice given to us. We diverted to the wrong direction and reversed our blessings to others, that’s the cause of all these inverted life,” the old man in the streets of Komenya narrated to me his life experience story and left me in search of wisdom during my undergraduate studies. In my realisation, being in university is just a single step to the series of teaching life lessons.

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