All appointments & consultations are online

All appointments & consultations are online


Sorry to the cloutopreneurs

Showing off isn’t my nature
Showing off is a disease
Showing off enhances
Unnecessary pressure
I’m better off in privacy
I’m baffled by secrecy
But affection I’ll show the one I love
But not to cloutopreneurs

I won’t post her
Just to prove my love
I know their definition of being single
Is when they’re closed in a room alone
Even if they’re dating
Their heart is always spacious
Spaces that can’t be filled with love
Because it’s full of desires
They never get satisfied with one

Predators of love
The ‘taken’ are the prey on this menace
Take it from me
As long as she’s feeling my love
I won’t be on my feet
To show the social media cloutopreneurs

Showing her off isn’t the priority
As long as my love knows her identity
Social media can’t shut my humanity
I know caring for her is my responsibility
Our definition works with ability

Showing off is a deterent
To our betterment
Showing off is unnecessary pride
It has no profit
It builds nothing but pressure

Together we’re so precious
And our meals are often delicious
Why should we take it to the public?
They have nothing to do with us
Our model is on form
Posting isn’t a reform

I don’t want to increase foes
You make by force
But by genuine means
And it is only for trust
That all will be built highly

Love cannot be proven
It is just a nature control
Showing off is a disconnection
From sincere actions
Because it’s a form of exfoliation
And exaggeration

I have always posted her
In my heart
She has all of my likes
Of course with some mature dislikes
But I never lose it
Because love is made of faults

I won’t show off
True love is based on trust not pretence
Don’t lie on those few
Because many have failed in public.

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