All appointments & consultations are online

All appointments & consultations are online


I am writing this text
Moreover in this context
To inform you that my next
step is to ignite a talk
A talk to change our walk
And not to cause any stalk
On the path that leads us to a hole
Because you’re my ol’
I must say that you’re in a pole
position to protect
And recontract
our conversation with respect
And great prospect
I know you want freedom
_remember it requires wisdom
But I know you’re in stardom
Our situation is not strange
Between us, there’s no range
Be patient everything will change

There’s no reason to divorce
Our responsibility is to reinforce
As opposed to enforce
And complement our family
This might be a boring homily
Think of our children’s sake
Think of our dreams awake
And not as daydreamlike
Without you they’ll be in a bondage
And stigma will be their cage
Let’s apply foreknowledge

Social pressure they will face
But hopefully they’ll ace
Truthful liars want you to chase
I pray for farewell
The Eden of snake which is hell
Friendly haters want you to dwell
on the past
Yes you’re not the last
Because we’ve an interventionist
If we don’t forestall this storm
Our society won’t be in a good form
And won’t transform

Listen love
We’ll still dive
No matter how they try to disapprove
our objective we’ll still strive to be one
team determined to stun
The mentality of gender abuse
Our aim is to reduce
Or clear cases of violation
And ensure the sublation
of harmful norms and inequality
That shutters tranquility

In war, as in life
Failure cut more than a knife
But it’s not fatal if we keep trying
If we stop trying we’ll be crying
Like our disabled neighbour
_ paralysed in stress to scour
The dirty abuse of sexual violence
And psychological violence
I know you have potential
To stop being confidential

_communication is key
Looking for trustable friends is key
I know there are survivors
Like our wise ancestors
We must listen and believe them
To find solution to this problem
The next generation we must teach
And this is the gospel we should preach.

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