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Don't hold back. your secret's safe. we don't know you, and you don't know us. sounds good right? let it all out, don't hold back



Dear Someone, I should ask how you are doing, but we both know you will lie to me, so let’s just skip the lies. Maybe you know me, maybe you…

together we are one community


Disclaimer. The writer wears positivity goggles once in a while. The writer is a human-like you with struggles like yours. 2020. Arguably one of the most famous years in history.…


I am afraid of the future. Its secrecy and how it conceals everything to the unknown makes my heart jump a pulse. However much I try to wrap my senses…

366 DAYS OF 2020

Once upon a time, there was a people, and they lived. When I watched the horror stories, I never thought I’d actually live in one for 366 days. It was…


“Fathers are disappointing”. These are the most vivid words I could use to describe the year 2020. And I’m sure, seated wherever you are, you’d be bewildered wondering why someone…


"2020 was a blessing in disguise coming out alive."
By Felom Gardener
"If there's something 2020 taught me, its to spend necessarily ad not to expect too much from people."
By Okuto
"After Losing my previous job, 2020 challenged me t be more innovative. in a bid to fit in the job market based on changing context presented by Covid-19 oandemic. Besides, it changed my spending behavior due to the tough economic times."
By Anon.
"2020 has been a blessing. I got to spend more time with my family, something which was elusive since I joined boarding school."
By Anon.
"There's only one thing I learned from 2020. I will always be ready for any sh*t in life, no matter the impact it will have on me."
By Anon.
"2020 has been so so confusing."
By Anon.
"2020 took someone close to me, someone I loved. From this, I learnt to appreciate the people in my life now. Keeping sanity after I lost a loved one and many crisis made me believe I've had the greatest achievement this year."
By Anon
"I feared the most, broke down, watched whole nights, countlessly and still met new mornings breathing and my limbs moving. I know that was God, so I'll forgive myself for questioning. The several times I went physical are printed in pretty scars. 2020; it was a dry choke. Yet. A toss to the new world of friends made and solid times with family. That's was love. Warmth. Lessons."
By Cynthia
"2020 was a horror, I was so depressed. I found my solace in Alcohol. Depression is Real. If I were to say something else, I'd say that mental health is real and should not be taken for granted."
By Anon.
"2020 taught me to accept, to let go and et God. It taught me that things will go how they will go, and all I can do is accept and trust that things happen for a reason."
By Anon.
"2020 taught me to accept, to let go and et God. It taught me that things will go how they will go, and all I can do is accept and trust that things happen for a reason."
By Anon.
"My 2020 in words would be resilience in the face of adversity. My whole life I've struggles to keep my head above the water, but 2020 made me feel like i was finally drowning. I only have some semblance of hope in life because of my loving family"
By Anon.
"2020 has been an incredibly transforming, challenging, and undeniable year. in a year that left us speechless, 2020 has been filled with new words, unlike any other. It has been a year full of crap, p**p, and nightmares where we experienced lots of deaths than ever."
By Anon.
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