All appointments & consultations are online

All appointments & consultations are online

Category: My Campus Experience

Campus experience. Life on campus is bound to have challenges and different phases. There are campus experiences that we can never forget. May be good or bad or nasty, or beautiful or even fun. In campus, we meet different people with different personalities and characters. Campus experience is not a punishment, because every educated mind must go through the same. Maybe worse. We live in places that have us learning directly from our campus experiences.
This section is mainly put up to Create awareness of the things that happen on campus. As such it contains some of the experiences by different people. The different experiences are disguised as episodes. The episodes are totally different. These are not stories but real life experiences.

If you are interested in contributing, just write your experience, and submit it totheospreyken@gmail.com or WhatsApp +254714386778 it’s that simple. If you wish to stay anonymous, because of your experience, I will understand. Let’s do this🥳🥳

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