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Spectacular 😌
When I was a little kid, I would hear my older brothers and their friends talk about their sex-life stories. Hearing their story made me thrilled, curious and little horny. I was no toddler. Yes, even a toddler sometimes have a boner. And for those who don’t know, I thought you should know. But that isn’t what I’m trying to say, not my fucking point. In the past days, months and even a year I didn’t have any story to tell when its ownership was claimed by Her Joanne. Our story. I know, you know, they know when defiled it always end up bad for us. No pity needed for me, I can take it. Halima’s threat of disposal. So I’ve decided to tell you for Joanne’s sake, my sake and for the sake of my relationship with her though it… Feeling shame to say that you know am a man😃 (Few months later she will be 18 years old.)
My brothers, never ever say I had no story to tell as you did.
Halima was a girl who I had met in my small Estate back home in Kisii and who it turns out was not interested in ever leaving. As girls went she was relatively good looking, not the smartest girl out there but could easily beat most of the other girls. We had been going out for about a year but it did not feel like it was going anywhere, I would probably have ended it there if it had not been for Joanne.I didn’t even know they talked,Joanne who at the time was 17 and in Highschool was going through that phase of “I don’t wanna leave you for any other fucker” and It happened (luckily or otherwise) to fall square in her sights for some reason. (I know this sounds wrong but it was amazing having this little teen always wanting to be with me).
She would often hang out with me and even tried to spend time with me when she felt lone. It was small things like sitting on the couch during a movie she would lift my arm over her and snuggle up to me or lying in the Pirate beach in her swimming costume she would brush up against me. In my mind I could not decide if these were deliberate or not but I was certainly not in any mood to stop her.
As time went by, I noticed Joanne was getting friendlier in her actions and at times I swore she was even dirtier than I was. She appeared to be getting braver and braver around me, she sometime sat on my lap during movies only if when Halima wasn’t around.
At this point my relationship with Halima was starting to get even more precarious but I did not have the courage to hurt her feelings so I continued to go out with her.
One weekend during August I had a call from Halima saying she was stuck in the town across and that her friend was going to be home alone as her parents were on their uncle’s commemoration. She asked if I could check in on her Friend Joanne and crash at their home, tonight.
I said it would not be a problem and headed across to their house, as I was close to their gate, I heard a loud music coming from the house and Halima worries were unnecessary. At the moment Joanne was as fun as any of us could be when left alone. I knocked on the door and waited, I heard the putter patter of her feet as she came skipping to the door and threw it open.
“Hey Frankie!” She said in her usual little sing song voice, “what’s up?”
“It’s you pal worrying about you again…” I said as she ushered me in, “Wanted me to check up on you”. I was trying to keep calm at this point as she was wearing a pair of very short black panties that left little to my imagination. It did not help they were silk with black lace trim and that the top she was wearing was a little too tight.
“She is not going to make it back tonight, she asked if I could crash here tonight” I explained “if you do not mind of course!” I added quickly. (She may be 17 but she knows how to look after herself).
She gave me what I thought was a little smile and answered “no worries, I have eaten already though, but you can help yourself to something if you like?”
“I’m good, still full from lunch” I replied.

“I was thinking of watching a movie, I have a new you could like” She stated rapidly.

“That sounds amazing,” I said as I quickly made an exit through to the kitchen hoping she would not notice that the little black panties had given me a boner.
As I sat on the couch, I had a few minutes to tuck something embarrassing into a better position and reflect on her panties… Man she looked amazing in those, I swear they were new but then again she did not usually wear panties around the house…
Making my way back through to the den I saw she had setup the room as usual with a coverlets on the couch. The couch was functional it was L shaped and very comfortable, perfect for snuggling as Halima told me once. She was tucked up under the cover, remote in hand and a little flushed. The room was certainly not roasting but when it is that not cold outside it was practically tropical in comparison.
I jumped in beside her and let her snuggle up to me under the cover, man that was distracting… Her perfect little body was so warm and I swear the material of her shirt and panties was electric little sparks were bouncing down and causing me to throb…
“I hope you do not mind Frankie…” She said snapping me back to reality “I thought we might watch ‘Fifty Shades Darker.”
“Sounds good” I replied and she hit play…
For a while it was all relatively uneventful, she did scoot closer and the Sparks bouncing off her were amazing. I had watched the movie before so I was enjoying the feeling of her as she cuddled up to me.
We often spoke during movies but tonight was different she just kept still against me her leg wrapped over my leg her arms around my waist and her head on my chest.
She had obviously washed her hair recently because her hair smelled good and just adding to my arousal. With each breath she was taking me deeper down a path I was finding harder to ignore. The scary part was I could no longer tell if this was deliberate or not.
I was snapped back to reality by a question, “Do you think she is hot?”
“Huh, who? The Jane?” I asked.

“Who else?” She queried, to which I must have blushed because she gave me a look…
“I think so”. My mind took a break from this tiny little vixen and went to the scene with Jane bouncing around in her panties.
The movie continued on but now she was starting to get fidgety, to a point where I had to comment.
“Hey, what’s up, you obviously have a question?”
“Do you think I am good looking?” She blurted out.
“Now I cannot say…” I replied trying to get off this slippery slope “I mean, you are good looking but I am older and cannot comment about girls under a certain age.”
“It’s ok Frankie, I want to know what you think… Am I good looking?” She pushed.

Knowing far too well that look on her face of determination, I knew I was not getting away with this. I had to give her an answer.
So I gave the answer I know she wanted, “Of course you are, you are going to drive some boys mad and they will be very lucky to have you. So make sure you pick wisely!” (Of honesty Joanne was good.The taste of vannila maybe but she preferred I call her Kabras.Dark in skin
A blend of a Luhyia father and a Ugandan Mother
She blushed and snuggled back down.

As the movie ended, I glanced at the clock, 8pm. Still early.

“Another movie?” I asked not wanting to stop the cuddling. As much as I did not like it I was really enjoying her pushed up against me.
“Yes please, but before we start I want to show you something” she said “I bought them two days ago.” As she dashed to her bedroom.
I sighed and headed to the restroom, when I came out she was not in the hall so I made my way back to the lounge via the kitchen and the fridge.
As I entered the lounge I nearly dropped my soda, she was standing there in a swimming costume. I mean it was amazing, it was similar to a one piece but it had a large silver cut in the front which accentuated her flat tum. I also noticed that her nipples were at full attention (must be the erotic scenes in the movie I thought to myself but the little devil on my shoulder put the trail of a thought in my head).
“What do you think?” She asked delicately

“Wow…” I said before I could stop myself. “I mean, you look really good”

Really. Really good I thought, this is going to be a long night and when I do get to bed there is no shortage of mental material to help me tonight. In fact for lots of nights.

She giggled and ran up and gave me a hug, it lasted what felt like a long time and I swear she kept it going longer than usual.
“Wait a second I have another!” She shouted as she ran out the room

I was really lost now, this was dangerous territory now, another swimming costume like that and I would be lost.

I heard a little bump as she came running back into the room.
I was doomed, she was wearing what at first I thought was a shirt but as she walked closer turned out to be a nightshirt and panties, except the night shirt was see through. I tried not to stare as her beautiful breasts looked amazing. She did a little twirl and the smell of her shampoo and the perfect little ass, flat chest and smile almost sent me over the edge. She was amazing.
“Do you like?” She giggled.

“All I can say is wow” I commented.
Is she doing this on purpose? I thought. No! Do not be silly Frankie, she does not know what she is doing.

“Good, let’s watch another movie! I will pick!” She smiled “on the couch with you!” She ordered.

I sat down on the couch in a bit of a blur, as she bent over and put the next disc in the drive. I got a perfect view of her ass. In fact I would swear this is on purpose.
She came running back across and sat on the couch next to me, lifted my arm and snuggled in again.

I cannot even remember what the movie was, this little beauty had fully trapped me. She had me hook, line and sinker. The scary part was a deeper darker side of me was enjoying every bit of it.

She suddenly shifted and my hand brushed against her breast, she stopped moving and everything went deathly still. She did not react, my hand was slipping down and part of me was tempted to see how far I could go.

I slowly kept lowering my hand until it came to rest on the band of her little panties. There I stopped gently feeling the material and the little bow which I had not even noticed.
“Uh… Okello..” She snapped me back to reality. It was the first time I heard her call of my local name and it sounded better.Who could deny

Oh dear, here we go… Going to get it now, just need to disarm this.

“Can I ask a favor?” She ventured.

Wait she wasn’t going to bust me for rubbing her panties, what did she want?

“I want to try something.” She blushed

“Hmmm….” I replied trying to be non-committal.

She sat upright and leaned in, I assumed to whisper something but she came in and gave me a kiss. It was a gentle kiss of a girl who is still not completely sure of how to kiss.
The shock was huge and I did not know what to do, I pulled away slightly. And she stopped.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, looking nervous. “Don’t you want to kiss?”

Man, do I ever but there was still some part of my brain working on some level that was preventing me.

“I can’t Joanne, you are Halima’s best friend and like a sister to her! I will get in a lot of trouble for kissing you.” I blurted out

A little smile came across her face, “Halima is cheating on you for a start, which is why she is not home tonight. She knows you’ll not be in town because you are looking after me.”
Before I had time to come to terms with her kissing me, she hit me with the second bombshell.

“Also you want to kiss me! You would have said you did not want to kiss me.” She grinned.
Hook, line and sinker.
Before I had a chance to stop her she came in for another kiss, this time she had a bit more confidence.
I could not stop myself, I had to meet that kiss, she tasted amazing her little tongue whipping around mine. The smell of her hair filling my senses, her little tiny lips meeting mine. After what felt like an age we broke, I had lost all control now.
“I cannot tell you how long I have waited for that” she said, all I could do was smile like an idiot.

“Let’s have some more funFrankie dont be silly” I have felt this poking me too many times over the past few months” she stated as she reached down and undid the top button of my jeans.

“Wait” I said snapping back to reality.” I could get in a lot of trouble Joanne!”

“I will not tell if you do not…” She said as another button popped, “Besides, you said to make sure I pick wisely when it comes to boys, and I want you Frankie” that was it, I think at that point the reasonable part of my brain shut down and an animal instinct took over.
By now she had my trousers undone and she started tugging on them, I lifted myself to assist and they fell away leaving my cock to spring free.
This little girl just stared at it…

I broke the moment by reaching across and lifting her up, I threw her onto the couch and knelt in front of her. I gently started kissing my way down her perfect little body, wanting to explore every little bit of perfection. I gently pulled her night shirt off exposing her amazing breasts.
I gently teased her little breasts as I slowly made my way down, she had recently had a bath because the smell of floral soap and a light perfume was invading my senses. Her perfect tight body tensed as I came to her panties.

I gently teased my way down, sliding her little black panties off as I went. I slid them all the way off with one hand and sent them sailing through the air. I brought my attention to focus on her again, she was amazing a light tuft of hair had started to appear but she was still incredibly smooth and she smelled divine.

I gently leaned into her, running my tongue gently around but not touching her lips. She moaned in anticipation and as she finished the moan I pushed home the advantage with a gentle flick of her clit.

A little whimper of amazement escaped but I was not done. I gently worked my tongue up and down, slowly entering and exiting, pulling away slightly before resuming.

Before long she was very wet and I was bursting, her taste was amazing, her little moans filled my ears, she smelt of flowers and her little body was racked with spasms. As I pulled away I heard a little cry and her hand was on the back of my head pushing me back into her.

I obliged and before long she was panting and I was starting to get really deep, I gently reached up and slowly slid a finger into her. The result was electric, she clamped her legs around my head and pulled me in.

I slowly started to rub her gently in a spot I knew worked on other girls and before long I felt that energy building again, she let out a little moan as she arched her back and her hands pulled at my hair.

With that she came, I felt her clamp down on my finger and a gentle rush of liquid escaped her as she let out a moan of complete pleasure.

She held me in place for what felt like an age, I just stayed still feeling her clamp down and release my finger over and over again.

She gently whispered, “that was amazing.” She sounded breathless but that little twinkle had not gone.

She released me from her grip and gently pushed me back onto the couch, she reached down and grabbed my cock.

“I want you inside me.”
I could not refuse, she gently spread her legs and straddled me, slowly, she rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy. I could feel her juices mixing with my pre-cum as she prepared herself.

Slowly and carefully she guided the tip in, gently massaging it as it spread her lips. I cannot describe it, she felt amazing as I entered her she looked a bit uncomfortable at first but slowly she got my cock buried up to the hilt in her tiny little pussy.

She sat there for a few minutes as we felt a connection build, she slowly leaned in and gave me a deep passionate kiss.

As she broke from the kiss she whispered in my ear, “Please, fuck me, I cannot believe how good this feels”

I placed my hands on her little hips and slowly guided her up and down, her tight little body had me in a strong grip but she did not show any discomfort. Slowly we sped up, I stood up from the couch holding her up in the air as I slowly stroked my way in and out, her little legs wrapped around my body her arms wrapped around my neck and her face buried deep in my shoulder as she focused all her attention on my cock.

She was so light, there was absolutely no weight to her and the feeling of entering her all the way was driving me wild. Again an animal instinct had taken hold and here I was fucking this tiny little beauty who seemed to be enjoying every single motion.

She was starting to moan again, as we both felt the pressure building I leaned her onto the couch and took her.

I slowly massaged her breasts as I felt every inch of her pussy clamped around my firm cock.
She looked amazing, that flat little chest, tinch perfect breasts barely able to move but giving a gentle wiggle with each thrust, her perfect little smile as she rolled her eyes and the moans of pleasure. It was truly amazing.

We were both picking up speed now, her legs wrapped around me were encouraging some haste, I was not sure how long I would be able to maintain this before I cum.
Her hasty panting was suddenly replaced with a loud moan and her pussy clamped on my cock so hard I almost did cum, she stayed with her legs pulling me deep into her tiny thighs as she rode the roller coaster of pleasure.

Slowly she came down for her high and her legs relaxed, her little smile came out. “That is amazing, now I want you to cum, I want you to keep going until you fill me up with cum. I’ve p2 so there is no risk at all and I want to feel what it is like when you come inside me”

I did not need any more suggestions, I gently returned to thrusting deep inside her as her legs slowly rose back up to clamp me deep inside.

This time my release came fast, she helped with her little moans as I thrust every inch into her, she looked up and our eyes met and with a little moan exclaimed, “cum inside, please, fill me up, I want you Frankie”

I have never felt a release like that before, I just kept filling her little body up with rope after rope of cum, as I did so she let out an amazing moan and every inch her tensed, her back arched and I felt her tight little body clamp down on me as her little legs pulled me in as deep as I could go.

We both slowly came down from that high, I stayed inside her as we both felt the mutual connection between us. I vaguely remember her cuddling up on top of me and whispering “you are amazing Frankie, I picked well” as we both dozed off…

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