All appointments & consultations are online

All appointments & consultations are online


I am afraid of the future.

Its secrecy and how it conceals everything to the unknown makes my heart jump a pulse. However much I try to wrap my senses around it, imagery fails me. That picture seems to be so encrypted with a dark haze that I cannot see through. The sky doesn’t spell anything either but plaster of heavy clouds and mist, certainly it will heavily rain.

Cold patience gnaws at my presence. wondering why tomorrow can’t be today, this very moment. How hope attempts to ignite my slowly dying sparks of serenity makes me smile. Agitation strikes with every tick of my clock. burning down in embers of contemplation and discernment.

The ashes remind me of the subsequent I am terrified to step feet into. I am left burning like a cat on a hot roof, a bundle of nerves to say.

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