All appointments & consultations are online

All appointments & consultations are online


We are a publishing and literary organization with a wide range of products and deliverables. 

Are you passionate about writing? Are you a writer, a poet or a blogger?

Are you a University student in your freshmen, sophomore and junior year? 

Join the House and Explore your writing skills.

For the boys of our generation, we care about you.  For the men ahead of us, join us in the fight for the boychild. To the legends we look up to, teach us your ways, so we can make it better for our boys.

As Operation #saveboychild, we aim at creating a society that is conducive for the boychild.

We care



Mental health is not gender-specific. We discuss mental health matters because we care about you. Because we want you to know that whatever happens, take good care of yourself because nobody is going to take better care of your mental state than yourself. no one is perfect, we are all broken. 

Remember you are just as important as everyone. you are just as worthy as those people you think are worthy in your head. 

Be kind to you. You are a very important person. So OWN IT.


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