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Home is where you find peace, where the answers are and home is where freedom exists. and just like any other home,the home of solutions is a safe haven for everyone and anyone who needs one. click on the button on your screen to talk to us anonymously about anything.

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Kicking in slowly like some typpa sedative, he inhaled all that came his way in the name of love. Drunk in love, high like a king who got an empire…


You’re nowhere to be seenYou have changed to uncleanLast I checkedYou had not changedYour clothes for a monthIs this the drugs wrath?I can bear your hugYou stink from the drugYou…

Hope in the dark.

None said its gonna be easySometimes all seems crazyBut life is a sweet miseryBetter still we need not be wearyCause there’s still hope in the dark When everyone’s goneYou got…